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Gulf Coast Montessori Preschool is open all year from August to July.  If you wish for your child to attend during the summer sessions (June/July), tuition will continue on schedule.

Options to suspend payments for a summer break will depend on availability and be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Just ask our office staff to make arrangements. We will do our very best to work with your needs!

Class Grouping

Gulf Coast Montessori Preschool will consist of children ages 3-5 years old.  This is known as vertical grouping.  Maria Montessori believed this was part of our natural development and that grouping children by their age was against our social nature.  This multi-age grouping encourages children to learn from their peers, but also enables older children to support the learning of younger children.



The minimum student:teacher ratio is 10:1  However, we have other staff and therapists that will be providing assistance throughout the day.

Class Overview

A typical day in a Montessori classroom consists of a prepared environment for:

Practical Life

Practical life focuses on basic movements, fine motor skills, and independence.



Sensorial Learning

Sensorial Learning focuses on the development and refinement of all a child's senses.




Shapes and sounds of letters are explored through interactive materials that lead directly to the development of later handwriting and reading skills.




Hands-on, experiential math learning creates and understanding of basic concepts, laying a foundation for later comprehension of complex mathematics.




Science represents a clear thinking approach to gathering information and problem-solving.




Children are introduced to the concepts of history and geography. Students work with specially designed maps and learn continents and countries.


Art experiences offer children ways to express themselves, their feelings, their experiences, and their ideas.


Students learn foundational principles of God's Word and how it relates to them, their family, and all aspects of life.

School Calendar

2020-2021 School Year


Monday, August 10th

1st Day of School

Monday, September 7th

Labor Day Holiday

Friday, October 30th

Fall Fun Day

Monday, November 11th

Veteran's Day

November 23

Thanksgiving Celebration

November 24-25

Thanksgiving Holiday

Wednesday, December 23

Christmas Celebration (Parents Welcome)

December 24-25

Winter Break

Friday, January 1st

New Year's Day Holiday

Monday, January 18th

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Friday, April 2nd

Good Friday Holiday

Monday, May 31

Memorial Day Holiday






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