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Many students struggle with learning in different areas of curriculum.  Our goal is to meet students where they are, target their deficit area(s) and provide specialized instruction in order for them to gain confidence and improve grades and progress in academics.  Our teachers/tutors are able to work individually with the student or in small groups to provide more personal support and guidance.  We use proven, multi-sensory methods when needed to engage student learning and increase positive outcomes.




Tutors provide interventions and/or instruction to improve basic reading skils, fluency, and comprehension.  


Tutors provide interventions and/or instruction to improve math calculation and problem solving skills.



Language Arts

Tutors provide instruction to develop basic language arts skills, including grammar, sentence structure, and components of writing.



Tutoring Needs?


Curriculum Support/Assistance: when a student is working in a specific curriculum (public, private, or homeschool) and needs assistance understanding or completing assignments, homework, or projects.


Teacher/Tutor will provide support by reviewing and explaining skills, provide guidance, demonstrations, answer questions, etc.


Remediation/Interventions: when a student is unable to master a specific skill or academic component, such as basic reading skills, reading fluency, reading comprehension, math calculation, math problem solving, or composition writing and this is hindering them from advancing in that area or making progress in other areas.


Teacher will use experience in proven methods to provide specially designed instruction in a one-on-one or very small group setting.  Instruction may include research-based interventions designed to be strategic and intensive in order to target a specific deficit area.


Special Education Services: when a student lacks the ability to perform successfully with standardized concepts and subjects.  This may be the result of a learning disability, lack of emotional/social maturity, physical ability or an intellectual disabilty, etc.


Teacher will develop content that caters to student's specific needs and educational goals, whether academic or functional (life skills).  Services are provided one-on-one or very small group, when necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of each learner. (Ex. social skills can often be addressed more effectively in a group setting.)


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